Terms & Conditions for Family Fortunes Competition.

1. £1 Per entry must be paid via bank transfer before 4.50pm (UK time) on Sunday’s and showing in bank account (Ask SBS for Details). Any entries made after this time for the competition will not count.

2. All answers MUST be submitted via whatsapp on 07549 026634 or outside UK on +44 7549 026634 (this is free).

3. To claim the prize, you must send in your score either on Box UK chatroom (https://boxuk.danceradiouk.com) or via whatssap on the competition number above to be checked and verified by SBS.

4. Only entries who pay the £1 entry fee as above will be eligible to win the prize fund. Anyone is free to take part and give their score via whatsapp or in the Box UK chatroom, but without payment of the £1 entry fee, these participants will NOT be able to claim the prize, they will only be taking part for fun and NOT part of any draw.

5. All money received will be payed out as the prize in full. The total prize fund for entries received will be announced on air before the draw is made. Payment will be made by bank transfer only. No personal details will be retained after payment has been made. Payment will be made in full within 28 days of the competition date.

6. In the event of a tie… The total prize fund as announced on air will be shared equally between the winners.

7. This competition is not associated with Box UK or its owners and is operated by SBS.

8. The quizmasters decision and discretion is final.

9. By paying your £1 entry you agree to the above terms and conditions.

Any Questions please Email : [email protected]


The competition is owned and run completely by Shaun Tattersall (SBS) and Dance Radio UK have no involvement whatsoever in the competition. Any complaints or questions about the competition, all correspondence should be forwarded to SBS via email using the address above. Any emails received by Dance Radio UK about this competition will be forwarded on to SBS within seven days to be answered. Dance Radio UK will only reply to say that any message received has been forwarded along to SBS.