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Danny Bell

What motivated you to start DJing/presenting?

Originally back in the 80’s I used to love listening to my local pirate radio stations, and that’s where it started for me. After getting caught by the DTI with Freedom Radio, I gave up and only when I was approached by Matt Jay did I decide to have a go on Dance Radio UK. I must say I really love it, its a great hobby.

What styles do you play?

I play mainly 80’s and 90’s but I do like a wide variety of stuff and sometimes play Motown and 70’s as well.

Do you mix or scratch or both? Or are you more of a presenter?


Do you play on just one of’s stations or both?

Only Box UK that’s my comfort zone – surrounded by 70’s, 80’s and 90’s etc

What other interests do you have besides DJing/presenting on the radio?

Socialising & family time.

Favourite things?

Curry, beer, women, happiness, nice cars, good friends, sunny afternoons with a BBQ.

Sum yourself up in a sentence?

Easy going, relaxed and sometimes to laid back, taking every day as it comes.

Your desert island discs?

Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
Five Star – Hide n Seek
Any ELO Best Of album would be the rest.

Anything else?

Thanks for viewing my profile, please share our website link with your friends.
Feel free to find me on Facebook and give me an add.
And finally… KEEP IT DANCE!